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Do companies recognize the certifications you offer?
Currently there are three nationally recognized webmaster certifications available, and our courses prepare you to pass the initial exam for all three national certifications. We are only authorized to offer the WebYoda certifications via WOW Academy at this time; however, WebYoda was the original webmaster certification standard.

WebYoda began offering webmaster certifications in 1996, pre-dating any other national certification by two years. WebYoda was also the first company to provide the definitive webmaster certification standards accepted by more training centers, course developers, and Internet professionals than any other. WebYoda also contributes to the standard by working closely with IEEE and WAI, pioneers in computer, network, and Internet standards. As a charter training organization committed to promoting true Internet standards, our webmaster courses and certifications are strongly based on the IEEE Standards 2001-1999 "IEEE Recommended Practice for Internet Practices - Web Page Engineering - Intranet/Extranet Applications", the WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We are determined to improve the quality of webmasters with a certification that holds real value. As a result, our certifications allow potential clients or employers to have confidence in your webmaster skills.

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